The real K-drama romance story of Park Shin-hye & Choi Tae-joon

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Just Married

The famous Korean actors Park Shin-hye & Choi Tae-joon got married on 22 Jan 2022 and the fans are on cloud nine.

Love Story

While the couple was dating for a long time, their love story is not less than a K-Drama Campus Romance.

First Meeting

Their first encounter was in the university where they studied. Yes they were just undergraduates and became friends before rising to fame.

Reunited in K Drama

The duo reunited in 2012 drama The King of Dramas. played the male and female leads in a play-within-a-drama titled Elegant Revenge.

Date in Park

Park Shin-hye & Choi Tae-joon were seen together at Sumokwon Theme Park in 2017.

Made it official

The couple made their relationship official in March 2018 and were seen on a date at the gopchang (offal) restaurant run by the actress’ parents in 2018.

Survived Long Distance

The two even survived the long distance when Choi Tae-joon enlisted in the army on 1st August 2019.The two were away from each other for 2 years.


“flower shoes”. This expression is used to describe a couple who don’t break up while one party is serving in the military. And fans congratulated Shin-hye for embracing “꽃신”.

Fairy Tale Wedding

The two took the nuptial vows on Jan 22 and shared the beautiful pictures with their fans.

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