11 unique Baby names inspired from god Shiva-Parvati & meaning

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-02-17,12:33:52 news

Kiyaansh for baby boy

The name Kiyaansh means the person who is the blend of the qualities of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva


Sharvil for baby boy

Inpsired from the word ‘Sharv’, Sharvil means someone who is sacred to Shiva


Yuvaan for baby boy

Yuvaan means someone who is youthful forever, it also means Lord Shiva himself.


Anvith for baby boy

Anvith is yet another name inspired from Lord Shiva, it is often linked with a friend or a companion

Manvik for baby boy

Manvik means Conscious, intelligent, compassionate, and a kind person

Adrija for baby girl

Adrija means mountain goddess and is related to goddess Durga and Parvati

Anika for baby girl

Derived from the Sanskrit word anīka the name signifies grace, wisdom, and a beautiful face

Deveshi for baby girl

A name connected to the deities Durga and Parvati. The most powerful of the Goddesses

Ekakanya for baby girl

Ekakanya is yet another name inspired from the Devis, it simply means a girl child

Ila for baby girl

Ila signifies earth, the name is the ode to goddess durga

Kriya for baby girl

The name Kriya means someone who demonstrates utmost perfection, the person name Kriya are also known to be the most influential

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