Maharana Pratap Glorious Achievements

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Mahara Pratap Death Anniversary

Maharana Pratap died on 19 January 1597 after making his Mewar secure from invaders.


Maharana Pratap Birth was Auspicious

Born to Udai Singh and mother Sonagari Queen, it was predicted that this child will bring glory to the name of the clan and will be one of the famous Indian kings.


Maharana Pratap Faced Danger from Invaders and his Brothers

After coronation, he faced a big problem from the Mughal emperor and his brothers. Sakthi Singh and Jagammal, his two brothers had joined Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Famous Battle at Haldighat

Maharana requested all the chieftains to unite in the battle for the sake of Mewar’s independence when Akbar declared the war against him.


Maharana's Horse Chetak Died

Akbar army was 2,00,000 soldiers and Rana Pratap’s had only 22,000 soldiers. ‘Chetak’ was seriously injured in this battle but it saves his master’s life by jumping over a big canal.


Maharana Pratap Escape

Akbar sent another army on 15 Oct 1577. In the war, Kumbhalmer was captured but not Pratap as he escaped to Ranapur to plan to recapture Mewar.


Victory of Maharana Pratap: Battle of Dever

Pratap got the triumphing victory in this battle fighting against Dever Royal post commander Sultan Khan.


Maha Rana Pratap Last Wish Before Dying

His dream of seeing Chittod free was not yet fulfilled. So on the day he died, he took his son Amar Singh's hand and handed over the responsibility of freeing Chittod.


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