Mandira Bedi Workout and Diet plan for Fit @50

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

Giving Goals @50

We are watching her from the era she used to come on Doordarshan but Mandira has made age just a number. She is aging like a fine wine and all thanks to her fitness and diet routine.

Workout schedule

Total work out time for each set: 10:30 min| 30 second break between after a set of reps| 6 sets with a 2 minute break between sets.

Workout Plan 1- Part 1

1 minute Jumping jacks (15 reps), 1 minute inch walk, 1 minute jumping jack, 15 reps shoulder raises, 1 minute inch walk..

Workout Plan 1- Part 2

15 side lateral raises, 1 minute jumping jacks, Upright row with kettlebell (25 reps), 1 minute inch walk, 15 push-ups.

Workout Plan Plan 2- Part 1

1 minute jump squats, 1 minute alternate toe touch with dumb bells, 1 minute plank jacks, 1 minute left shoulder dumb bell raises with squats, 1 minute burpee with vertical step.

Workout Plan Plan 2- Part 2

1 min right shoulder dumb bell raises with squats, 1 minute alternate squats on step, 1 minute sit-ups on a reclining bench, 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 minute calf raises on step.

Exercise Without Gym (When Traveling)

Squats, Jumping jacks. Also pack lightweight running shoes, resistance bands and skipping ropes while traveling so that her routine is not disturbed.

Love Running in Rainy Season

“I usually run once every ten days but when it’s the monsoons, I run all through the season. So far, I have done two half marathons.” Says Mandira in an old media interview.

Mandira Bedi Diet

Sticks to Home Cooked Food. Morning- Cold coffee and a banana before working out. Lunch- roti, dal and subzi. Dinner- lightest meal (either a salad or whatever’s made at home (except roti).

Cheat Day

On weekends or on special occasions. She loves chocolates so she has them on her cheat day.

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