Mars orbiter mission: Interesting Facts about Mangalyaan, India’s mars orbiter

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Orbiter’s role

Mangalyaan is equipped with at least five solar powered equipments. The Orbiter is expected to investigate the surface and check availability of minerals and environment.

Mangalyaan’s cost

The estimated cost of the Mangalyaan mission was $74 million, well below the $100 million for the Hollywood space movie Gravity.

Fueled for six months but worked 8 years

The expected life of the craft was six months, after which it would run out of fuel and would not be able to maintain its orbit. But it lasted for 8 years.

First try mission

India is the first country to conduct a successful Mars mission 'Mangalyaan' on its first try after US, European Space Agency and the former Soviet Union.

Was built in 15 months

It took NASA 5 years to complete its “Maven” Mars Orbiter and ISRO just took 15 months to complete its Mars orbiter named Mangalyaan.

Size of a Nano Car

Mangalyan, which is about the size of a Tata nano car, was launched in November 2013 aboard India's polar satellite C25 rocket.

First made many revolutions around Earth

The Mars Orbiter first made several revolutions around the Earth as it gathered enough velocity, and then it was shot onwards to Mars.

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