Meet Enigma Esports COD team contesting in JPET 2022

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Jagran Play Esports Tournament

Enigma Gaming

With some of the best esports players in the nation, Enigma Gaming is an Indian e-sports organisation that excels in genres like COD, Valorant, and free fire.

Enigma X JPET 2022

With a flawless final score of 3-0, Enigma Gaming exhibited their skill by eliminating Mutants without leaving any room for even a single kill on Day 3 Match.

JPET Day 3 match highlights

Enigma Gaming, Memoria, Mutants, and Integrity, the top four Invited Qualifier Teams, battled it out in a series of matches on Day 3 of JPET 2022.

Overall score

Invited qualifiers day 3 overall score of the teams

MVP of Day 3 Matches

The winner of the Day 3 Group C Matches MVP title is an Enigma Gaming player with the ID 'Enigma-abhiz.'

Enigma clinched the victory

Enigma Gaming set an incredible bar for a team game where every player was operating in perfect sync.

JPET open qualifier update

Teams from the Open Qualifier Group will start their CODM matches for the Jagran Play eSports Tournament championship match from October 11 through October 16, 2022.

JPET 2022

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