Mesmerizing wedding photos of Cricketer Shradul and Mittali Parulkar

WRITTEN BY Tarun Kohli2023-03-03,11:27:55 news

The Black and White love

The most aesthetic picture in the album. This black and white picture is the most loved one by their fans


The Varmala Ceremony

This picture shows their love for each other as they complete the Varmala ceremony and look in each other's eyes


The stereotypical mandap laugh

This is most "celebrity" picture. Every celebrity has that one laughing with each other photo in their album


The 7 Phere picture

The mandatory ritual of 7 phere picture captured perfectly by the photographer


The hand in hand rasam

Shradul and Mittali sharing their love for each other and it is captured in this image


Making it official

Finally the mangalsutra picture makes it official


Mittali and Shradul

The perfect lightning, the perfect mood, the perfect image


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