Mira Rajput Guide to Sculpting & Lifting Face Massage

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Mira Rajput shared her Face Massage routine which helps in toning, de-puffs, detoxes and lifts the skin along with improving circulation.

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Prep You Face

Mira starts her massage with a small warm up in which she gives a small massage to her face, ears and neck with her knuckles. This step also helps in warmup.

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She run her knuckles and traces the jaw line to give a massage.

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Cheekbones and under eye area are important to get the blood flow as this helps in reducing cheek fat, puffy eyes and more.

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She then firmly massages her eyes and eye center to release eye tension and all the pain which is there due to long screen hours and work.

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Forehead is again important to massage as it helps in releasing tension, headache and give a fresh feel to the face.

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Mira then focuses on entire face and runs her knuckles and finger in upwards direction to stimulate the blood flow and give the face cells a wake-up call.

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Her Special Tanaka Face Contouring

With this process one stimulates the lymph glands, thus speeding up the discharge of toxins and excess fluids from the face.

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