K-Drama Actors who slayed the Royal Roles

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

Kim Jung-Hyun in “Mr. Queen”

He played the role of Yi Won-beom or King Cheoljong who was the 25th king of the Joseon Dynasty. He did justice to the character of a weak/puppet king.

Kim Soo-Hyun in “Moon Embracing the Sun”

A bright and caring prince who falls in love with Heo Yeon-woo. His love was so strong that he remained faithful to her even after her death and stayed together in the memories.

Shim Chang-min in “The Scholar Who Walks the Night”

Playing the role of Crown Prince Lee Yoon (Shim Chang-min) he is seen as a courageous and strong Prince who seek revenge on the murderers of his father.

Im Si-wan in “The King in Love”

Based on real story and real characters, he plays the role of Crown Prince Wang Won who is the first royalty of mixed heritage and fell in for his political eunuch.

Ji Chang-Wook in “Empress Ki”

Playing the role of Toghon Temür / Ta Hwan the last Emperor of the Yuan dynasty, he marries Ki Nyang who later becomes the empress of the Yuan dynasty.

Jung Il-woo in “Haechi”

Brought alive the role of Prince Yeoning who is an intelligent and hardworking prince who faces discrimination as his mother didn’t belong to royalty.

Lee Joon-gi in “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”

A prince who is hard and ruthless from outside but in reality is hiding his pain under his cold behavior.

Kang Ha-neul in “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”

Playing the role of a gentle and kind prince 4th Prince Wang So who is gentle and caring for everyone but things change him leading him to become rival of Wang So.

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