8 Myths Busted by NASA Related to Solar Eclipse

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar 2023-04-17,16:42:09 news

For Pregnant Women

There is no scientific explanation that If you are pregnant you should not watch an eclipse because it can harm your baby.

Impact on Edible Food

It is believed that some kind of radiation is produced during solar eclipse that will harm your food but it is a misconception.

Solar Eclipse is not a Prophesy

NASA says, solar eclipses do not signify that something very bad about to happen, as believed in many cultures.

Phenomena Occurs on the Whole Planet

Total solar eclipses occurs at Earth’s North or South Poles, as believed otherwise.

No changes in colour of Moon

The moon does not turns completely black during a total solar eclipse.

Doesn’t foretell a change in your life

Solar Eclipses does not foretell any major life changes and events about to happen.

A Natural Phenomena

Solar eclipses are not a sign of an exceptional celestial event taking place in time and space, it is a natural phenomena.

No Relatioship between eclipse and your health

Scientifically it is not proven that Solar eclipses falling on your birthday, are a sign of impending bad health.

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