National Sports Day 2022: Interesting facts about Major Dhyan Chand

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Fact 1: How he got his name

Dhyan Chand’s original name was Dhyan Singh. He was given the nickname ‘Chand’ by his fellow players because he used to practice hockey at night under the moonlight.


Fact 2: Magician of Hockey

At the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, he scored 14 goals and was a lead goal-scorer. Post the Olympics, newspapers described him as “the magician of hockey.”

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Fact 3: Hockey twins

In the 1932 Summer Olympics, India beat the USA and Japan. Dhyan Chand scored 12 goals and Roop Singh netted 13 out of the 35 goals. This gave name to the hockey twins.

Fact 4: Dhyan Chand rejected Hitler

When Hitler saw Dhyan Chand's magical game against Germany, he offered him to settle in Germany and offered him a rank of colonel in his army, but Dhyan Chand smiled and rejected.

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Fact 5: Postal Stamp to honour the legacy

Government issued a commemorative postal stamp in his memory on December 3, 1980. He remains the only Indian hockey player to have a stamp in his honour.


Fact 6: Scores Goals like runs in Cricket

Australian great Don Bradman met Dhyan Chand at Adelaide in 1935. After watching him play, Bradman remarked, "He scores goals like runs in cricket".

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Fact 7: Magnet Conspiracy

Once in the Netherlands, the authorities broke Dhyan Chand's hockey stick due to the possibility of having a magnet inside it.


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