Noida Supertech Twin Towers Demolition: 10 Big Takeaways

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2022-08-29,11:09:37 news

Evacuation from Closest Societies

By 7 am on Sunday, more than 5,000 inhabitants of Emerald Court and ATS Village, the two communities nearest to the twin towers, had already left.

Vehicles Removed from the Premises of the Demolition

Around 2,700 of their vehicles have probably been removed from the property, and the inhabitants will also take between 150 and 200 of their pets with them.

What was the most challenging task?

Bringing down the twin towers was a hefty task for a six-member demolition team, as the structures were built for seismic zone IV and are extremely strong.

3,700 kg of explosives used

More than 3,700 kg of explosives was filled within 9,400 holes drilled in columns and sheers. Drilling has been done across almost 18 km.

Tactics Used to minimise the impact of Blast

The Twin Towers’ beams and pillars have been wrapped in geotextile material. 1,400 truck tyres have also been placed near two residential buildings - Aster 2 and Aster 3.

150-200 dB of Sound Produced

The demolition process did not last longer than 12 to 13 seconds, but the blast's noise level will be close to 150 to 200 dB.

Pressing of the final button

The last button waspressed by a 6-person team that is positioned 250 metres away from the twin towers. It took the bombs 9 seconds to detonate, and another 4-6seconds for the building to collapse.

Tonnes Of Waste And Debris Produced

Over 80,000 metric tonnes of garbage are anticipated to be produced by the demolition, of which 50,000 metric tonnes will be handled on-site and the other 28,000 metric tonnes, scientifically.

Which company is responsible for the demolition?

It will likely take at least three months to clear all the collected debris, according to Edifice Engineering, the company in charge of demolition.

Safety of People Living Around

The major task is to ensure the safety of people living in the vicinity and that no nearby buildings suffer damage.

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