Decoding Virat Kohli’s tattoo on spirituality

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-04-11,11:53:48 news

Virat's new tattoo

Virat Kohli, former captain of the Indian national cricket team, has a new tattoo on his left arm that reflects his spirituality

Cover up

The tattoo is a cover-up of his old tattoo and features a metatron cube, a septagon, and a geometrical flower

Patterns from universe

The metatron cube is a sacred geometric symbol that contains all the shapes and patterns in the universe

The balance of life

The septagon represents perfection, harmony, and balance


The geometrical flower symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things and the source of creation itself


The tattoo was designed by Sunny Bhanushali, founder and owner of Aliens Tattoo

Artist behind Virat's tattoo

The tattoo was created by Devendra Palav, who excels in geometric and dotwork style

Completed in 12 hrs

The tattoo was done over two sessions that lasted more than 12 hours in Mumbai and Bangalore studios

Virat and his tattoo connection

Virat Kohli felt a deep sense of connection to his design and was thrilled with the result

King Kohli’s Journey

The tattoo is a powerful reminder of Virat Kohli’s spiritual journey and his passion for cricket

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