Pi(π) Day: Amazing Real-Life Uses of Pi We Didn't Know

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2023-03-14,09:12:07 news

Astrophysics & Astronomy

Early astronomers studied pi to investigate the Earth, its rotation, and its orbits.

Sound & Light

Pi is found in sine waves that is used for signal processing in sound and light waves


Pi is found in the most basic structure of human body – the DNA


Pi is related to circles, hence anything curved has Pi, including building materials like pillars, wires, and pipes

Probability & Statistics

Pi appears in many fundamental equations


Pi is present in many things, including the rainbow, the moon, the sun, the pupil of the eye, and even a raindrop falling to the ground

Literary works

Pi has been the source of inspiration behind many literary works including books, songs and poems

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