Pingali Venkayya: The Architect of the National Flag of India

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Who was Pengali Venkayya?

India's flag was created by freedom fighter Pingali Venkayya. He was a lecturer, a geologist, and a farmer by profession. He is the creator of triclour flag of India.


A British Indian Army Soldier

Then, as a member of the British Indian Army, a young Venkayya was sent to South Africa to fight in the Second Boer War (1899–1902).

The News Minute

Fondly Called 'Japan Venkayya'

A fluent speaker of Japanese, he was known as 'Japan Venkayya'

Telegu Samayam

First Design Was Approved by Gandhi

Red and green bands made up the Swaraj flag, and they represented two main religious groups in the country—Hindus and Muslims. A charkha, which stood for Swaraj, was also present on the flag.


The Redesigning of Flag

Purna Swaraj: Saffron was used in place of red, and the colours were rearranged such that saffron was on top, followed by white, then green. On the middle white strip, the charkha was placed.

Replacing of Charkha with Ashok Chakra

The Ashok Chakra was used in place of the charkha by a national flag committee headed by President Rajendra Prasad after Independence.

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