Places Having Strong Connection with Hanuman- Thailand to Hampi

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar 2023-04-05,12:47:28 news


It is the place where Hanuman guarded the Ram Janmabhoomi which is referred to as the Hanuman Garhi.


Here waterfalls have been built by Lord Ram to aid Hanuman’s climb up the hill.

Sri Lanka

Lord Hanuman's physical traces of his ancient presence can be witnessed in Sril Lanka where his large footprint can be seen.


There is a footprint that is now kept protected inside a temple ground, believed to be of Hanuman.


There are stories based on a famous episode from the Ramakien (version of the Ramayana)


It is said that Hanuman is sitting in Dehradun's 150 year old temple in the form of Sankatmochan.


This is the site from where the monkey army began to build the Ram Setu to reach Ravana’s Lanka.


Kishkindha- the kingdom of apes is situated here.

Rishyamukha Parvat

Hanuman met Lord Rama and Lakshmana and they reached here in search of Sita.

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