Punjabi Folk Songs for Lohri 2023

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2023-01-11,10:31:44 news

Sunder Mundriye Ho

The most cherished songs for the celebration of Lohri. People encircle the Lohri bonfire and dance on this song with claps and rhythm.

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Tode Upper Toda

When small children go to the neighbours to seek Lohri, then this song is sung.


Massan Leya

This beautiful folk song is associated with the arrival of a newborn in the family.


Til Cholliye Ni

This peppy number calls for the entire family to do the giddha and bhangra. This is also sung on the arrival of a new baby in the family.


Sanu De Lohri

The song is sung to bless the newly married couple. It a great dance number for some giddha.

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This Lohri song in Punjabi also talks about putting til, gur and peanuts in the bonfire while asking for blessings for the kids.


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