Selena Gomez Skincare Routine is all Vegan and safe for Sensitive Skin

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

The Vegan Skincare

Selena Gomez is promoting her cruelty-free makeup line, Rare Beauty, or inviting followers to a low-cost routine.

In Budget

Gomez recently shared five budget-friendly beauty products that she has been using "all week" on tiktok.

Morning routine before Makeup

She begins with a hydrating aloe gel mask to hydrate oily and eczema-prone skin without leaving a greasy sheen. Glycerin, castor oil, and vitamin B5 are also included in the mask.

Care for Undereyes

Gomez begins by applying those gold under eye gel patches that celebrities seem to love, followed by a white cream to her third eye and the bridge of her nose.

Smooth frizz free Hair

She sprays detangler in her hair and combs it back.

Gold for Smoothness

Another gold gel patch is applied to her lips, and she slicks her hair with Smooth and Shine cream.

Hyaluronic acid is favourite

She spends money on a cream to reduce under-eye puffiness. The firming eye cream gel contains hyaluronic acid, as well as the patented ingredient Resveratrol and quinoa extract.

No Alcohol for Sensitive Skin

Toners with alcohol can be harsh on sensitive skin, so Gomez chooses an alcohol-free option to reduce the appearance of her pores.

Care for Body too

Gomez lathers Body Cream on her chest and legs to hydrate and add shine to prevent dry skin.

Serum to Finish the Regime

Gomez finishes her skin with a serum that is intended to lighten dark spots and brighten overall skin tone.

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