Simpsons 2022 predictions: Elizabeth’s II death to colonising Mars & more

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-09-21,13:12:04 news

The Simpsons

It's a little unsettling how The Simpsons routinely and accurately forecast significant events without meaning to. This time too following the death of Elizabeth’s II Simpsons are again in the trend

Elizabeth’s II death

Elizabeth in a scene from Season 15's Episode 4 dubbed The Regina Monologues where is shown lying in a casket with her death date 8/9/2022 mentioned, but many fans called it fake.

Virtual reality food

Simpsons predicted a future in which there will be virtual food & Royal Caribbean is currently working to develop the technology to provide their customers a virtual reality dining experience.

Donald Trump’s presidency

In one episode, Lisa Simpson is shown overtaking Donald Trump in the upcoming election, and a viral image shows Kamala Harris donning the same outfit.

Colonising Mars

Lisa decides to take a one-way journey since she's always wanted to see Mars, and Elon Musk's SpaceX has now been working to create cargo ships that will depart for Mars in 2022.

Apple & it’s features

Whether FaceTime or Apple watch or a last-minute text alteration of Apple's autocorrect feature. All of this was, in fact, foreseen by The Simpsons in the 1995–1996 seasons.

Controlling minds

In a 2001 episode, Bart and his pals play in a band and use music to influence people's minds. According to recent research, hip-hop music can truly influence one's thoughts.

Ivanka Trump presidency

The Simpsons have predicted Ivanka trump's presidency indirectly a lot of time, in reality Ivanka does qualify all the requirements needed for the presidential candidature.

Robots Taking over the world

The Simpsons just so happened to go to a theme park where every ride was operated by a robot. And now top techies are already declaring that AI will soon take over affecting many employments

Disney acquires FOX

The series projected that Disney will acquire Fox twenty years before it really happened. And here we are now, years later witnessing it.

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