Unknown Interesting Facts about Solar Eclipse

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Solar Eclipse 2022

In a rare occurrence, several parts of the country will be able to see a partial solar eclipse today, October 25, including India.


Weather Noticeably Changes During a Solar Eclipse

Many scientists recorded cloudier and windier weather shortly before the eclipse began. The darkness could be compared to that of the time shortly before sunset.

The Wall Street Journal

It does Not Occur Every Month Even Though the Moon Seems to Take the Same Path

A solar eclipse is only possible twice a year and Moon typically crosses below or above the Earth. At that time, it does not pass the line between the Sun and the Earth

DNA India

The Sun is 400 Times Larger Than the Moon But Gets Covered Completely

The Sun is approximately 400 times larger than the Moon, but the Moon is approximately 400 times closer to the Earth. This means that from Earth, they appear to be the same size.

The Indian Express

Visible Sunspots are Magnetic Fields Changing the Flow of Cosmic Material

Geomagnetic storms on the Sun have a real influence on the Earth’s magnetic field. This can have a direct impact on airplane or satellite communications or even power grids.

India TV News

Solar Eclipse Events Will Not Happen Forever

In around 400 Million years, as the Moon slowly distances itself from the Earth, the event of a total solar eclipse will no longer occur.

Times of India

Identical Eclipses

Almost identical eclipses occur after 18 years and 11 days – known as the Saros Cycle.

Times of India

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