Summer Solstice 2022: Facts on Longest Day of the Year

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Meaning of Solstice

The solstice is the point where the Sun appears to reach either its highest or lowest point in the sky for the year.

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Summer Solstice 2022

On June 21, the summer solstice will occur at 5:14 a.m. EDT (2.44 p.m. IST) in the Northern Hemisphere.

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What is Summer Solstice?

Earth’s orbit reaches the point where the North Pole is most inclined toward the Sun causing the longest day of the year.

First Day of Summer Season

Marks beginning of summer, which lasts until the autumnal equinox (September 22 or 23 in the Northern Hemisphere, or March 20 or 21 in the Southern Hemisphere)

Difference Between The Summer & Winter Solstice

Winter solstice occurs on 22nd December in Northern hemisphere, in which days are shorter and nighter are longer.

FACT: Earth is Farthest from the Sun

The Earth is actually farthest from the Sun during this time of the year.

Arctic Circle has 24 Hours of Daylight

All locations inside the Arctic Circle experience a continuous period of daylight for 24 hours.

Celebrations and Festivals during Summer Solstice

Celebration during Sunrise at Stonehenge, International Yoga Day, Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival, Celebrating Yin Forces etc, are celebrated

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