Sunil Chhetri fitness and workout routine

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FIFA world cup 2022

Recently FIFA honored our Indian football captain writing ‘You know all about Ronaldo & Messi, now get a definitive story of 3rd highest scoring active men’s international Sunil Chhetri’

FIFA world cup 2022

Sunil Chhetri fitness

Football demands 90 minutes on the field and requires constant sprinting, unlike cricket. The Indian legend puts a lot of effort into maintaining his physique & chiseled body.


Gym is a must

Our football captain makes certain to go to the gym each day & sweat a lot to keep up his level of fitness.


Speed Training drills

The speed and agility of foot and leg motions can be greatly improved by high knee drills. Speed drilling needs a lot of practice to have a command on foot movements.

Workout session

The Indian national team's captain practises six days a week. By giving your muscles a day off, you can help your body restore itself.

Cardio & leisure

To relax and heal, Chettri frequently goes swimming with his colleagues which is an excellent way to keep your body active

Balanced diet

Chhetri makes sure to eat well in order to maintain his physical fitness, which is the most crucial component of an athlete's diet.

Morning regime

He downs a bottle of water as soon as he wakes up. It keeps him hydrated and rids his body of toxins.

Pre breakfast

He eats oatmeal with almonds, boiled eggs, and fresh juice in the morning as a pre-training meal.

Cheat meal

On his cheat days, Chhetri likes Biriyani or some spaghetti carbonara. He also likes pizza and hamburgers on the weekends. His favourite meal is mutton curry made by his mother.

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