Sushmita Sen Beauty and wellness secrets to look Younger in Late 40’s

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

Forever Miss Universe

It's been more than 2 decades that Sushmita brought the title of Miss Universe home and still in her 40’s she is giving tough competition to people in their 20's in fitness and looks.

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Fitness is the Key

Sen doesn't go to gym regularly because the actor and model has overcome injury and autoimmune disease to continue working on her fitness and wellness.

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Balanced Diet is Important

Because she works out so hard—for two hours a day—a balanced diet to replenish her energy levels is critical.

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Taking care of Skin from Dirt and UV Rays

As an actress, her skin is exposed for long periods of time to damage from heavy makeup, lights, pollution, and UV rays, so she always wears sun protection and products that enhance your appearance.

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Hydration and Beauty

My advice is to drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest, and give her body plenty of time to heal.

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DIY Secret

She makes a scrub out of gram flour and malai and massages it onto her skin. The former is a natural exfoliant, and the zinc in besan helps combat acne while adding radiance to dull skin.

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Makeup to Highlight the Facial Features

Makeup is not only to hide blemishes or dullness but also helps to highlight and amp up the facial features including eyes, jaw line and more.

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