Tejasswi Prakash Beauty and Skincare Secrets

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Beauty Secret

Tejasswi Prakash has a unique method of massaging the face to keep it soft and glowing.

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On Youtube

Tejasswi posted a video on her YouTube channel last year about the massage techniques she uses to keep her skin elasticity.

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Secret of Kumkumadi Oil

The actress begins by cleansing her face with kumkumadi oil, a highly nourishing oil with numerous benefits.

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She first applies the oil to the skin, then starts with the cheeks and works her way outward.

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Targeting facial features

She then focuses on her jawline, attempting to define it with her knuckles in a front and back motion.

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Good for Blood circulation

She then moves on to her forehead, using her knuckles and an upward movement to aid in blood circulation.

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Her special technique

Another important massage technique that the actress employs is lifting her cheeks with her knuckles and holding them for five seconds. She repeats this process ten times.

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The End Game

Tejasswi points out the lymph nodes that help flush out the toxins after massaging the face for 10 seconds near the eye area.

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