What’s on the Plate of Tejasswi Prakash?

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

Tejasswi Prakash

Tejasswi’s plate is full of healthy and nutritional rich meals avoiding more carbs and fats. Her secret for a toned figure is her diet followed by gym.

Morning Essential

The Bigg Boss 15 winner starts her Morning by drinking 3-4 glasses of warm water. This helps her activate the body's metabolism, resulting in more fat burning throughout the day.

Pre Workout Meal

The actress also eats boiled eggs and fruits before workout to gain some energy, protein and fibers.

Getting Ready with Coffee

Before starting her workout she also drinks her favorite Bullet coffee. It is also known as butter coffee and is a high calorie drink made with added fats, intended to fuel your start to the day.


Takes cereals and oatmeal for her fulfilling less fat healthy Breakfast meal.


For lunch Tejasswi is all inclined to grilled veggies, legumes, and green salads to keep everything nutritionally balanced and healthy.


Follows a low fat meal including salads, chapatis, dal and soups.

Distance from Rice

Tejaswii keeps her distance from rice as it is known for adding more carbs and increasing weight.

Cheat Meals

But for her much needed cheat days, Tejasswi never gets shy of eating pizzas, chocolates, butter chicken and everything her heart craves for. Street food is also on her cheat meal menu.

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