Top 10 Tallest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time

WRITTEN BY Akhil Singhal2023-05-06,07:33:25 news

Jorge Gonzalez - 7'7

Argentine wrestler known for his towering height and iconic body suit.

André The Giant- 7'4

French wrestler who was a cultural icon and one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time.

Jordan Omogbehin (Omos)

Omos, whose real name is Jordan Omogbehin, stands at an impressive height of 7 feet 3 inches (221 cm).

Giant Silva

Giant Silva was a Brazilian wrestler who stood at 7'2

The Great Khali - 7'1

Indian wrestler and former World Heavyweight Champion who dominated the ring with his massive size.

Big Show - 7'0

American wrestler and multiple-time world champion who has been a mainstay in the WWE for decades.

Kane - 7'0

American wrestler known for his intimidating size, signature mask, and legendary career in the WWE.

Robert Maillet

Robert Maillet, also known as Kurrgan, is a Canadian wrestler who stands at 7'0

Big Cass

Big Cass, also known as W. Morrissey, is an American wrestler who stands at 7'0

Kevin Nash - 6'10

American wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer known for his height, power, and larger-than-life personality.

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