These Companies changed their logos and got rebranded

WRITTEN BY Tarun Kohli2023-02-27,15:05:14 news

Hero Honda

Hero honda changed its logo when the company divided and became hero moto corp


Reebok changed its logo and acquired a “delta” logo. This ‘Delta’ logo is used on the Crossfit gear of the company

Axis Bank

UTI Bank became what we know as Axis today. This happened in 2007 and the intention behind it was to make the brand more contemporary


Airtel is one of those brands that has changed its logo quite a number of times


Godrej also decided to change its logo after decades. The previous logo which was red in color now includes maroon, green and blue to give it a more contemporary look


After six years Snapdeal went for a change in logo and its corporate identity in 2016 to manage its dropping sales


One of the few brands that actually decided to change their entire identity, Vodafone which was previously known as hutch, changed its entire identity to boost sales and now it partnered with Idea

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