These unique Holi celebration will make you fall in love with the festival

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Lathmar Holi (Uttar Pradesh)

There is a lot of interest in the distinctive tradition of Lathmar Holi. Men from Nandgaon come to Barsana to color ladies. The women then beat up the males, and the audience laughs

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Rang Panchami (Maharashtra)

A day primarily dedicated to vibrant colors, which are important in Hindu rituals of worship or invocation of Gods. Five days prior to Holi, the festival of Rang Panchami is observed


Phoolon ki Holi (Vrindavan and Pushkar)

The Krishna devotees in Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan play Phoolon ki Holi, a festival commemorated on the Ekadashi throughout the Holi week, with great zeal


Royal Holi (Udaipur)

Every holiday is made more beautiful by the royal family and their customs. The royal

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Shigmo (Goa)

In Panjim, Holi, also known as Shigmo, is observed with a sizable procession through the city. They consist of dance group performances and culturally inspired short plays


Hola Mohalla (Punjab)

In the midst of the Holi colors, the Hola Mohalla event is well known for its artistic performers. In the month of March, it is observed for three days

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Dola Utsav (Odisha)

Odisha observes the six-day Dola Utsav celebration. The Lord Jagannath idol is taken outside the temple on the day of Dola Purnima so that the devotees can play Holi with them


Phaguwa (Bihar)

In the state of Bihar, the thrilling Holi festival is called Phaguwa. The sound of well-known folk music sung in the Bhojpuri language improves the mood


Basant Utsav (West Bengal)

The celebrated poet Rabindranath Tagore opened the festivities. They like playing with color, dressing up in stunning traditional costumes, and indulging in the best Bengali delights

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Baithaki or Khadi Holi (Uttarakhand)

The event is observed throughout the state in both Baithaki Holi and Khadi Holi fashions. They organize themselves into tribes or groups and dance to the captivating folk music

Manjal Kuli (Kerala)

In several temples around Kerala, the event is observed as Manjal Kuli, which translates to

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Phagwah (Assam)

In Assam, Holi is celebrated for three to five days, and the occasion is known as Phagwah. Folk melodies and bhajans are sung to commemorate Radha and Krishna's love

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