Chinese Oppas who are Ruling Our Heart

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

XIAO Zhan (Sean Xiao)

Popular Dramas: The Untamed (2019), “Oh! My Emperor” (2018) and “The Wolf” (2020).


Popular Dramas: Love Actually (2017), Gank Your Heart (2019), The Untamed (2019), Legend of Fei (2020)

ZHU Yilong

Popular Dramas: Guardian (2018), The Story of Minglan (2018) and Reunion: The Sound of the Providence (2020).

REN Jialun

Popular Dramas: The Glory of Tang Dynasty (2017), Under The Power (2019), Forever and Ever & One and Only (2021).


Popular Dramas: Meeting You (2017), Sweet Dreams (2018) and Ashes of Love (2018).

LI Xian

Popular Dramas: Go Go Squid! (2019), Sword Dynasty (2019 – 2020).

LI Yifeng

Popular Dramas: Swords of Legends (2014), The Lost Tomb (2015), Noble Aspirations (2016) and Sparrow (2016).

ZHANG Xincheng

Popular Dramas: My Huckleberry Friends (2017), Skate into Love (2020), Go Ahead (2020).

LUO Yunxi

Popular Dramas: Ashes of Love (2018), Love is Sweet (2020), And The Winner Is Love (2020).


Popular Dramas: Love and Redemption (2020), The Promise of Chang’an (2021), Stand By Me (2021).

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