Top 10 countries to relocate in 2022; India, Canada, France...

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Best countries to immigrate in 2022

online price comparison website located in Australia Comparative Market determined the top ten destinations that people wanted to move to in 2022


Canada topped the list among 50 other nations


Japan ranked second given having one of the highest life expectancies in the world


Spain became the third most voted country in the world where people would live to immigrate.


15 countries checked China as their favorite destination to move to.


The fashion city France occupied the 5th place in the list, with 11 countries finding it favorable to immigrate.


Turkey is renowned for its rich blend of both eastern and European influences and hence the 6th spot

South Africa

Following Turkey is South Africa on the 7th place for being one of the most desirable locations


Residents of seven different countries preferred moving to India. Bangladesh, Bhutan, Finland, Ivory Coast, Libya, Niger, and the United Arab Emirates.


Australia bagged the 9th spot in the most desirable countries list

Greece & Fiji

Both Greece and Fiji tied at the no. 10 position

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