Top 10 Social Media Terminologies You Must Know

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar news

FOMO( Fear of Missing Out)

On social media, FOMO is the feeling users get when seeing posts about events or opportunities they want to be a part of.


A hashtag (#) is a way of connecting your posts on social media to other posts on the same subject or trending issue.


Newsjacking is the process of adding your thoughts and opinions into breaking news stories.


Traffic is the number of users who visit a given website or page.


Active Twitter users are called Tweeterati. They tweet about particular topic they are passionate about.


Using sensationalized, manipulative headline, or copy to attract clicks from people viewing their news feed is called clickbait.


The act of grouping in a large number of people online for generating ideas or content is called crowdsourcing.


A social media ad that only appears on the pages of the targeted people is called a dark post.


A generic term for the homepage content stream is known as a feed.


Social media users who regularly interact and share information with a diverse group of connections are called Mix-n-Minglers.

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