Must Watch Chinese Dramas on Netflix to Binge Watch

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

#1 Eternal Love

Genres: adventure, historical, wuxia, romance, drama, fantasy. Story- Prince of Heavens and a Fox spirit fell for each other but their love faced obstacles and they unite but in the next lifeline.

#2 The Untamed

Genres: adventure, historical, action, fantasy, mystery. Story- Two disciples from different clans reveal a secret that endangers the peace in their world and the story unfolds further.

#3 Ashes of Love

Genres: historical, rom-com, fantasy, drama. Story- Heavenly Emperor’s son and Flower Goddess’s daughter pay price for their love as fate always drives them apart.

#4 Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Starring: Fair Xing, Lin Yi, Daddi Tang. Story- another most popular C-Drama, around high school romance. Love story of a girl who is majoring in accounting and a topper in Physics.

#5 A Love So Beautiful

Genres: youth, rom-com, school. Story- School love story around classmates and next-door neighbors. Ups and down of their relationship as they reach their youth and follow their respective career.

#6 Love O2O

Genres: adventure, drama, rom-com. Story- It has eSports, romance highschool romance and everything you need to binge.

#7 The Princess Weiyoung

Genres: drama, romance, historical, tragedy. Adapted by Real Empress, the story is from the era of Sixteen Kingdoms and centers on a Princess.

#8 Meteor Garden

Genres: school, rom-com, drama, youth. Story- The Chinese edition of popular K-Drama Boys over Flowers.

#9 Wait, My Youth

Genres: school, romance, youth, school. Story of friends who pass school life, college together and meet years after and realize things changed but nothing has changed in their bond of love.

#10 Goodbye My Princess

Genres: historical, martial arts, romance, drama. Story- Princesses from Western Liang marry the Crown Prince of the Central Plains. Becoming a wife of a high position man also puts her life in danger

#11 A Little Thing Called First Love

Genres: school, drama, rom-com, family. Story- A timid girl in school gets smitten by the most popular boy. For love she changes herself and learns to be better.

# 12 The Rise of Phoenixes

Genres: melodrama, romance, historical, political, tragedy. Story- Story of an illegitimate daughter from the elite family who gets accused of a crime she hasn’t committed.

# 13 Handsome Siblings

Genres: historical, rom-com, drama, wuxia. Story- Twin Brothers separated at birth learn Martial arts and are raised to take revenge on each other.

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