Top 9 Drawbacks of watching Pakistani TV serials and Dramas in India

WRITTEN BY Tarun Kohli2023-03-16,14:51:16 news

Too cliched

Pakistani dramas and serials are too much cliched, as almost all of them revolve around the same storyline


Suppressing women

Many Pakistani dramas take a patriarchal image and promote it, which in turn unknowingly portrays the suppression of women characters


No uniqueness

Almost all Pakistani dramas and serials follow the same stories, because of which they are very to the point and plain


Meaningless drama

Some Pakistani dramas carry meaningless emotions and dramatic effects that are not necessary at all

More focused on looks

Pakistani serials and dramas are mostly watched because of the looks of their main characters be they male or female


Over dramatic

Over dramatic and over-emotional to reel in the stereotypical middle-class women is the unique selling point of Pakistani dramas


Not for everyone

Pakistani dramas target traditional middle-class women and because of this they cannot be watched by everyone


Sugarcoating relationships

Pakistani dramas sugarcoat relationships too much, because of which the serials become too unrealistic


Not so traditional

Pakistani serials do not fit the norms of Indian tradition in terms of their storyline and characters


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