What Causes Tsunami & its Prevention

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World Tsunami Awareness day Celebrated on November 5

In December 2015, the UN General Assembly designated 5 November as World Tsunami Awareness Day.

What is Tsunami?

The series of extremely long waves, it is very long wavelengths of water caused by a large and sudden displacement of the ocean due to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc.

Characteristics of Tsunami

Most tsunamis are caused by large earthquakes, there is no season for tsunamis, the speed of the wave in the ocean depends upon the depth of water etc.

Causes of Tsunami

1. earthquakes 2. underwater explosion 3. volcanic eruption 4. landslides 5. Meteorite Impacts

Stages of Tsunami

Activation(tsunami begins)→Build(the wave spreads out rapidly)→ Formation(waves peak and trough is formed)→Approach(water piles & pushes waves)→Impact

How Often Does Tsunami Occur?

On average, every 15 years a tsunami occurs in the Pacific Ocean.

Which body predicts and regualtes Tsunami occurance in India?

Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services – INCOIS is the body that is vigilant regarding tsunamis on the Indian coast.

Tsunami Risk, Hazard & Mitigation Measures

As precaution, Effective Planning, The building of walls. Planting trees, Proper relief and rehabilitation preparedness Awareness among the masses should be done.

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