What is Project Cheetah? #CheetahIsBack

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2022-09-16,10:06:06 news

India gets Cheetahs after 70 years

PM Narendra Modi on the event of his birthday on September 17, will release cheetahs in Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

Declared Extinct in India

The cheetahs were declared extinct from India in 1952.

#CheetahIsBack Started to Trend on Twitter

India's much-awaited Cheetah reintroduction programme has got the netizens excited and #CheetahIsBack has started trending on Twitter.

From Where Cheetahs Will be Brought?

The cheetahs that would be released are from Namibia and have been brought under an MoU signed earlier this year.

How many Cheetahs will be brought?

Eight cheetahs -- 5 males and 3 females-- will be brought to Jaipur from Namibia in a special Boeing 747-400 aircraft. From Jaipur they will reach MP’s Kuno National Park.

All About Project Cheetah

Under the first international large wild carnivore translocation initiative in history, Project Cheetah, is introducing cheetahs to India.

What does it mean for environment and biodiversity?

Cheetahs will contribute to the re-establishment of India's open forest and grassland ecosystems. It will improve biodiversity like carbon sequestration and soil moisture conservation etc.

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