Workout Plan and Diet of the Indian WWE Champion The Great Khali

WRITTEN BY Tarun Kohli2022-08-26,16:23:43 news

Sunday- Chest

The first day he focuses on his chest and does incline and decline bench presses.

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Monday- Bicep and Tricep

The second day is the bicep and tricep day. Khali does multiple Barbell sittings and dumbbell Curls and triceps. Monday’s workout also includes push ups.


Tuesday- Cardio

The third day is reserved for building stamina with the help of Cardio. The Great Khali Cardio includes 30 minutes of running on the treadmill, 20 minutes of cycling, abdominal workout and, crunches.


Wednesday- Shoulders and Traps

On Wednesday, Khali works on his shoulders and traps. multiple sittings of military press and dumbbell military press. In addition to that, he does lateral raises and rear lateral raises.

Thursday- Back, Abs and Legs

Thursday is one of the most difficult days because on thursday he works on his back, his abs and also does some leg workout. He does some reps of bent over barbell rows and pullups.

Friday- Normal Exercise

Normal exercise for someone like Khali includes multiple reps of seated leg extensions, leg press, and squats. Apart from this, he also does calf raises and crunches.


Khali's diet plan

Maintaining such a big body requires a big diet. Therefore, one can imagine that The Great Khali’s diet is as great as he is.


His breakfast includes a lot of water, some walking and 4 liters of milk, 2 liters of fruit juice, 100 gm dried fruits. A lot of bread with Chicken is also included.



According to Khali’s body, his lunch is a little light with just curry, pulses, vegetables, wheat breads, rice, 1 kg of chicken, eggs and dried fruit.


His dinner includes 100g of cheese, 10 brown bread, Brown rice, chicken, 6 whole eggs, 2 liters of milk and some ice cream.


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