Top 10 best chess players of all the time

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Bobby Fischer

The eleventh World Chess Champion, Robert James Fischer was an American grandmaster of the game. He won 20 matches in a row in the 1970 Interzonal.

Garry Kasparov-1963

Garry started his journey to becoming one of history's best chess players at the age of 10. He started dominating the game at the age of 22 becoming the youngest World Chess Champion.

Anatoly Karpov- 1951

For ten years—from 1975 to 1985—Karpov was the reigning world champion. In all of history, Karpov was the youngest Soviet National Master at the age of 15.

Magnus Carlsen 1990

Magnus was barely 13 when he was entitled as a Grandmaster of chess in 2004. He is a Norwegian genius and a five-time world chess champion.

Alexander Alekhine

Regarded as the fourth world chess champion he was a Russian and French chess player. By the age of 22 he became one of the most powerful chess players in the world.

Jose Raul Capablanca

Blitz chess was unquestionably mastered by Capablanca. He defeated Lasker's dominance by winning the World Chess Championship in 1921. And, maintained his legacy for 6 years.

Viswanathan Anand

Regarded as India’s one of the most genius minds, Anand dominated the chess world for a long period of time. From 2007 to 2013 he remained the undisputed World Chess Champion.

Mikhail Botvinnik

Grandmaster in both Russian and Soviet chess, & known as the sixth World Chess Champion, was also a pioneer in computer chess, electrical engineering, and computer science.

Emanuel Lasker

A philosopher, mathematician, and close friend of Albert Einstein. He held the record for the longest playing career for 27 years in a row (1894–1921).

Paul Morphy

He was New Orleans' top player at age 9. A chess genius who earned the nickname "The Pride and Sorrow of Chess" due to his spectacular playing career yet early retirement.

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