Top 10 Great Statisticians From India

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C. R. Rao

He worked at the Indian Statistical Institute for 40 years. He described as a living legend by the American Statistical Association.


Debabrata Basu

A key contributor to the foundations of statistics, he was India’s leading mathematician and statistician. He contributed in the field of Survey Sampling.

The Asian Age

Jayanta Kumar Ghosh

He is a pioneer in the field of statistical genetics, survival analysis, asymptotics, high dimensional data analysis, modeling and model selection.

Prudue University

Kantilal Mardia

He gained popularity with a series of tests of multivariate normality based measures of multivariate skewness and kurtosis. His work on statistical measures of shape is also celebrated.

University of Leeds

K. C. Sreedharan Pillai

His work on multivariate analysis and probability distribution and was the best known statisticians of his time.


Pranab K. Sen

His most famous works include invention of the Hodges–Lehmann estimator.

Semantic Scholar

Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis

Known as Father of Statistics in India, on his birthday the country celebrates National Statistics Day. Mahalanobis model, intended towards rapid industrialisation of India was adopted.


Raghu Raj Bahadur

He is considered to be the architects of the modern theory of mathematical statistics. Amongst his best known work are 'Bahadur Efficiency'.

The University of Chicago Photographic Archive

Raj Chandra Bose

He was appointed the Director of Indian Statistical Institute by P. C. Mahalanobis in 1931, Best known for his work in design theory, finite geometry and the theory of error-correcting codes.

Samarendra Nath Roy

He was one of Mahalanobis' earliest pupils, and under his leadership, a vibrant group of statisticians was developed.


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