World Wetland Day 2023: Meaning, Types, Ramsar Convention & More

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2023-02-02,10:55:19 news

World Wetland Day 2023

The 2nd of February is celebrated as World Wetland Day. The theme of World Wetlands Day 2023 is 'It's Time for Wetlands Restoration,'.


What is wetland?

The part of land where water and land meet is called wetland. Wellland or wetland soil is that part of the bank of a lake, river, pond where a lot of moisture is found.


History of World Wetland Day

In view of the deteriorating condition of rivers, lakes, ponds etc., the Wetland Convention was adopted in Ramsar, Iran on 2 February 1971. India signed this treaty on 1 February 1982.


What is Ramsar Convention?

Ramsar sites are wetlands of international importance. They are listed under the Ramsar Convention of UNESCO. Chilka Lake in Odisha is the first Ramsar site in India.


Significance of World Wetlands Day

Wetlands play a very important role in keeping the ecosystem balanced. These are the habitat of many aquatic creatures, animals.

Types of wetlands-Coastal wetlands, Inland wetlands and Man-made wetlands

Coastal wetlands- Mangroves, estuaries, brackish water marshes, lagoons, etc.


Inland wetlands

Inland wetlands: marshlands, wetlands, waterlogged marshy forest lands, rivers, floodplains and ponds.


Man-made wetlands

Man-made wetlands: fish ponds, salt and rice paddies.


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