Organic Holi color brands you can rely on! Amazon & flipkart sale

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-03-01,16:39:20 religion

Organic India

Starting from INR 150 onwards Organic India is one of the best selling brand offering best quality Organic colors in India


Phool is yet another mind blowing start up gaining momentum these days owing to its beautiful packaging and affordability

TWF Flours

Starting from Rs. 300 onwards. This company sells a range of Holi combos that are bursting with affection, hues are created using common household items.

Aaheli organic

Starting from Rs. 350 onward. Its organic colours are non-toxic, and cleaning them uses 50% less water. They offer a set of four colours in red, yellow, green, and blue at a fair price.

MY Pooja Box

Starting from 600 onwards, What makes each colour even more unique is that it has a distinctive aroma that's been inspired by the ingredient used.

Antarkranti Natural Holi Gulal

Starting from Rs 125 onwards, The costs are fairly affordable when compared to other brands, and the colours are created by prisoners and those who live in rehabilitation centres.

Nila Jaipur

Starting from Rs. 250 onwards.Their gulal are handmade from natural and organic ingredients and are eco friendly. They work along with Banyan Roots,promoting indigenous agricultural practises

Satavic farms

Using turmeric, fruit and vegetable extracts, herbs, and flowers, Satavic Farms has been manufacturing and selling herbal Holi gulaals since 2010.

Little Canvas

Starting from Rs. 250 onwards They offer Holi colours in adorable boxes dubbed Little Holi Box. Natural components like flowers and dyes are used to create these colours.

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