10 Top Secret Spotify Tips and Tricks That You Must Know 2023

WRITTEN BY Tarun Kohli2023-05-25,14:11:04 tech-auto

Collaborative Playlists

Make playlists with your friends that you can collaborate on. To allow your friends to add music, just right-click on a playlist, choose 'Collaborative Playlist,' and then share the link

Discover Weekly Reset

Go to the 'Made For You' area, scroll down to 'Discover Weekly,' and press the three-dot menu to update your customized Discover Weekly playlist. To restart, choose 'Reset'

Private Session

Want to indulge in your vices without having it damage your recommendations? By heading to your Spotify settings and turning on 'Private Session,' you can activate Private Session

Song Radio

Make a radio station centered around a certain song. When you choose 'Go to Song Radio' from the context menu when right-clicking on a song, Spotify will create a playlist of related songs


Enable Crossfade to segue between songs seamlessly. Go to the Playback section of your Spotify preferences, go down to the Crossfade slider, and set the duration there

Sort Your Playlists

You may easily reorder your playlists in the left sidebar by dragging and dropping them there. To set the playlist names in a certain sequence, you can also use numbers or other special characters

Spotify Codes

Using Spotify Codes, you may quickly share tracks, albums, or playlists. On any item, tap the three dots menu, click 'Share,' then 'Scan Spotify Code'

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the keyboard shortcuts in Spotify to increase your output. Among other shortcuts, use 'Ctrl + L' to access the search box, 'Space' to play or pause, and 'Ctrl + Up/Down' to change the volume

Time-Stamped URLs

By selecting 'Copy Spotify URI' from the context menu when you right-click the progress bar, you can create a link to a certain timestamp inside a song

Daily Mixes

Based on your listening preferences, Spotify prepares custom daily mixes. You may locate them by visiting the 'Made For You' section, where you'll find a selection of mixes specifically for you

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