Google helpful content,10 points to know about the new update

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-08-26,10:11:42 tech-auto

Google Helpful content

Google started implementing its helpful content algorithm update today, which perks content that puts people first instead of content created for search engines.

What is helpful content

Google provided a whole bunch of questions to make us understand what it’s new feature is and how it’s gonna work

To affect English searches

The update affects English searches everywhere and will eventually include other languages.

It’s created for specific audience

If your content is intended towards specific audience or if your content genuinely serve people’s search rather than attracting clout then you are good to go

Features expertise

Does your writing clearly show a depth of knowledge and first-hand experience? Show that you are an expert by displaying your understanding of the products being evaluated and not a copy paste

Trustworthy and credible

Information presented in the content should be in a way that makes you want to believe it,by offering precise citations, proof or background details about the author or the website that published.

Meets the needs of the searcher

Are there any true unanswered questions that your content claims to address? Do you think your content will provide the reader with enough knowledge to enable them to reach their objectives?

Avoid answering questions with indefinite answer

Google advises websites to refrain from making unfounded claims.Make sure to inform the reader if you're writing about a rumour or an ambiguous topic.

Featured snippets

Featured snippets, prominently highlighting a page's summary. We utilize this format when our systems determine that it will make it simpler for users to access the information they need

Google’s guideline

The helpful content update follows the same rules as the core upgrades and the product reviews update, Google wants to remind you.

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