Install these anti-theft apps to protect your phone from theft

WRITTEN BY Tarun Kohli2023-03-16,10:59:36 tech-auto

Google find my device

Google's anti-theft tool, Locate My Device, enables you to remotely lock your phone, log off of it, and erase its data. The whereabouts of your phone is also shown



The app has features that allow you to find and monitor your phone, lock it, set an alarm, transfer call history, and wipe both internal and external memory



Anyone who tries to unlock your smartphone with the incorrect code will be captured on camera by this app


Anti-theft alarm

It serves to deter stealing. When certain events occur, such as someone unplugging your phone or entering the wrong password, this app will sound a loud alarm


Third eye

When someone tries to access your phone using the wrong password, the app takes a picture of them. If it takes pictures, it automatically sends the email to the registered email account


McAfee Mobile Security

The security of the device lock, a thief cam, and app uninstalling protection are characteristics of this software. The phone will lock itself if the erroneous password is entered three times


Where’s my droid

The phone can be located utilising Where My Droid's features, which also include making the phone ring or vibrate, using GPS, GPS flare, remotely locking the device, remotely erasing its data, etc.



Your phone captures a picture of the person trying to unlock it with the incorrect code and emails it to you right away along with GPS information, a rough street address, and a map


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