iphone 13 Vs iphone 14 Major differences

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iphone 14

Apple recently launched its very new product iphone 14 and since then a major price drop for iphone 13 has made the internet go wild. Let’s find out what’s the major difference.

iphone 13 Vs iphone 14

iphone 14 is considered the most powerful Apple product at the time but it’s just slightly more powerful than the iPhone 13, otherwise it doesn't add many features.

iphone 13 vs iphone 14 similarities

A15 Bionic, one of the top smartphone processors, powers both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

iphone 13 vs iphone 14 differences

The main differences are the iPhone 14's better camera, satellite connectivity, and inability to use conventional SIM cards, which 13 lacks.

iphone 13 vs iphone 14 differences

Another major difference is High-g accelerometer and HDR gyro for the new crash detection, Action mode stabilization service in new iphone 14.

iphone 13 vs iphone sizes

Both iphones 6.1-inch OLED panels offer a 2532 x 1170 pixel resolution. Both have a height of 5.78 inches and a width of 2.82 inches, the only difference comes with weight & thickness.

iphone 13 vs iphone 14 battery life

While iphone 13 has a good 19 hours battery life, iphone 14 has a 20 hours battery life during video playback.

iphone 13 vs iphone 14 conclusion

The iPhone 14's upgrades over the iPhone 13 are mostly minor. The iPhone 13 comes in a few additional hues as well. Blue, purple, midnight black, starlight & red are available with the iPhone 14.


This comparison does not include the iPhone 14 Plus, Pro, or Pro Max; it only compares the iPhone 13 to the standard iPhone 14.

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