Shocking Concept Smartphones that may be better than the iPhone

WRITTEN BY Tarun Kohli2023-03-01,12:23:33 tech-auto

Vivo Trifold

The Vivo Tri-fold is a tablet that folds twice into a Z form while yet maintaining an amazingly thin profile


LG Rollable Phone

During CES 2021, LG displayed their rollable smartphone. The display, which the manufacturer refers to as a "unique resizable screen," enables the gadget to switch between being a phone and a tablet


Oppo Double sided pop up camera

According to rumours, Oppo is developing a camera with a mirror. Oppo has also applied for a patent "Photographing module, installation drive assembly, and mobile terminal"


Motorola Rizr

A display that wraps around the phone's bottom is a feature of the Motorola rollable phone concept. The rolled-up screen can then expand automatically to provide a larger display

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OnePlus 11 Concept Phone

With the OnePlus 11 Concept, which sees the phone undergo a makeover with liquid cooling and dazzling Lighting designed to become a powerhouse, OnePlus has really turned it up to 11


LG Traveler Concept Phone

The handset, designed by Andrew Zheng, is a slim slider with a built-in touch screen and a physical button keyboard. The LG Traveler phone's distinctive form was developed for improved grip

Concept phones

The Kambala Ear-Phone

The Kambala is a cell phone that can also be used as earphones. The earpiece clip falls out when the centrepiece is opened

Concept Phones

LG Flutter Concept Phone

The LG Flutter boasts a flexible OLED touchscreen display that can scroll wildly and opens up like a fan


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