These gadgets will help you get better sleep at night

WRITTEN BY Tarun Kohli2023-03-17,14:35:57 tech-auto

Marlow Pillow

Marlow Pillow has a secret zip that allows you to change the hardness of the pillow, as well as a breathable mesh cover and cooling foam to prevent night sweats


Hatch Restore

In order to help users fall asleep more soundly, Hatch Restore includes a sound machine, smart light, personal sleep routine, bedside reading light, and a wind-down feature


Oura Ring

The Oura ring is appealing. It keeps track of your sleep and aides in your understanding of your sleeping habits. The Oura ring gives you a nightly breakdown of your various stages of sleep


Dodow Sleep Machine

Dodow offers breathing exercises to aid in falling asleep again. It emits a gentle light that slows down your breathing and prevents your mind from racing


10minds Motion Pillow

A little computer designed to stop snoring is connected to this smart cushion. It tracks your head position while you sleep and picks up snoring

Motion Pillow

Muse S Headband

You can fall asleep more quickly thanks to this wearable device's soothing noises. While you sleep, it also monitors your heart rate, respiration, and movement

Muse Headband

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool

It purges the air in your bedroom of allergies and viruses. It humidifies the air to provide your skin, nasal passages, and airways the ideal amount of moisture



This mattress has been designed to avoid compression or sagging and allows you to regulate the firmness, temperature, and position during the night

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