Whatsapp Rolls out 4 new interesting features

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Whatsapp rolls out new features

New privacy options for WhatsApp users have been disclosed by Meta for 2022, some of which are now available and others of which are in development.

Hiding status

WhatsApp started hiding users' online status from others by default last year. Your entire contact list can still check to see if you're online so here is the new feature

Choose your friends

You will be able to select which contacts can view your status in WhatsApp's next upgrade. So, turn on the setting for that user if you don't want someone to notice that you're ignoring their message.

Leave group silently

Another brilliant feature rolled out by Whatsapp is leaving the group silently without notifying anyone about your exit.

No one will know

Users will now be able to exit group chats without telling the other participants only the group administrators will be informed—thanks to recent adjustments.

Screenshot blocking

In addition to rolling out these two features this month, WhatsApp claims it is working on a means to prevent users from screenshotting ‘View Once’ messages.

Help protect sensitive images

Including a feature to prohibit screenshots could aid in preventing users from saving or disclosing sensitive data to others. Testing for this feature is ongoing.

Delete Message

In the recent development Whatsapp has also extended the time period in which you can delete the message. Earlier it was for a few hours and now for 2 days long.

Whatsapp new features 2022

By the end of the month above mentioned 2 features will start getting activated, make sure to update your Whatsapp.

Whatsapp privacy features

Whatsapp has recently been working a lot on improving the privacy features of the users disappearing message, view once and Password system is just a few of them.

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