Hrithik Roshan-Saba Azad Love story

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Hrithik Roshan Love story

Hrithik Roshan is now days buzzing in the news with rumours of dating Saba Azad, a bollywood actress and singer. Here's a sneak peek into this new brewing relationship.

How Hrithik's love story started

According to the Reports, Hrithik and Saba are dating for past 3-4 months, they first met through Twitter

Hrithik shared the video

Hrithik once shared and liked Saba's video on Twitter to which she reciprocated and so this fling sparked.

How did the conversation begin

The video shared by Hrithik and saba's Thank you post, made them slide into their DMs.

Viral sensation

Hrithik and Saba has been spotted together often and they are now a viral sensation.

About Saba Azad

Saba is a band member is often spotted doing gigs, she was previously dating Naseeruddin Shah's son Imad Shah and they both have a band.

Saba Azad Age

Saba is 32 years old, she debuted in Bollywood with Dil Kabaddi in 2008.

CAA Protest

Saba was also in news for protesting against CAA in Shaheen Bagh

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