Hardik Pandya Struggle Story

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The Story of Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is one of the most successful cricketer, he has risen from rags to riches, with this story

Financial conditions

Hardik Pandya's father Himanshu was not financially sound and often they had to skip meals to survive the day

Cricket Lover

Hardik was a great cricket lover, he started playing since 5 years of age.

Pandya Brothers

The Pandya brothers, Hardik and Krunal used play cricket from different villages to earn 400-500 bucks.

Financial Trouble

Hardik stated in one of his Interviews about his family's financial condition and his often having Maggi as a meal


Hardik was not a great student and has to repeat class 9, and after that he left studies and concentrated completely on cricket

Kiran More

Kiran More on of the renowned cricketer of India gave him free 3 years training, and sculpted a versatile cricketer


Auctions of IPL 2015, team Mumbai Indians bagged Hardik at base price 10 lakh and since then he has been one strong player of MI

Hardik is a millionaire today

Hardik has lifted himself to great heights and now is one of the richest players with multiple brand endorsements

Hardik fitness

HE is a fitness freak, and is one of the fitest in Team India

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