Bhuvneshwar Kumar is new King of Powerplay

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Bhuvneshwar Kumar Records

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the player who has taken maximum wickets in power play, he has surpassed the records of Zaheer Khan and Sandeep Sharma

53 wickets

Playing against Punjab Kings, he bowled out Shikhar Dhawan and made a record, he has 53 wickets in power play.

Great performance against Punjab

Bhuvneshwar Kumar was in full form against Punjab Kings, he took 3 wickets.

150 wickets

He has also registered 150 wickets under his name in IPL, he is the first Indian to hit this record.

Overall third place

As a pacer, with 150 wickets Kumar stands at no. 3, the lead is by Malinga and Bravo.


In IPL along with fast bowlers and spinners with 150 wickets Bhuvneshwar Kumar stands at 7th position

Bhuvneshwar injury

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been an exceptional catch, though he has been injured which has not slowed down his pace.

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